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Board Certified, The American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

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When considering Cosmetic or Reconstructive surgery, it is important to make the right decision for you. Dr. Tracy L. Cordray is a plastic surgeon serving the cosmopolitan charleston SC area with a special focus on the breast, reconstructive procedures and many other plastic surgery offerings. Dr. Cordray's specialized training and experience in breast surgery and microsurgery illustrates her excellent qualifications in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

With all of the options available today, Dr. Cordray is an expert in helping you decide what is best for you and your body.

Individual Attention

With all of the options available today, Dr. Cordray is an expert in helping you decide what's best for you and your body. Dr. Cordray spends time educating her patients in their surgical and non-invasive options. A special plan will be developed for your needs and goals allowing for a highly personalized experience.


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Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your breasts, body, or face, Dr. Cordray has the training and experience that you should look for in a plastic surgeon. We welcome you to view information in our website to learn more about Dr. Cordray and the services available to you. Call us at 843-718-2334 or use our convenient contact form to schedule an appointment today!

Breast Reconstruction, A Candid Interview

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